About the Ligier JS F4 Series:

With F4 U.S. and FR Americas devised as the initial steps on the Road to F1, the newly-rebranded Ligier JS F4 Series will strengthen the current ladder system while providing another avenue for drivers to race single-seater cars.

As the FIA-certified F4 U.S. Championship transitions to the new Ligier JS F422 chassis and Ligier Storm power in 2024, the Ligier JS F4 Series provides teams and drivers that own the existing chassis with a place to compete, and offers an additional development opportunity for drivers moving up from karts to single-seater racecars.

Keeping the ladder system in mind, the 2024 scholarship program is designed to assist champions in their career trajectory, providing opportunities to achieve the next step in their racing career.

The 2024 Ligier JS F4 Series Driver Champion will win a scholarship to compete in F4 U.S. the following season with the use of a JS F422 chassis and engine from Ligier, two sets of tires per event from Hankook and race entry fees from Parella Motorsports Holdings (PMH); the prize is valued at $133,600.

Additionally, the 2024 F4 U.S. Driver Champion and FR Americas Driver Champion will also be awarded scholarships to assist in the next step of their careers.

2024 Championship Overview & Buyer’s Guide:

Click the image below to view the 2024 Buyer’s Guide.

Download Link: 2024 Ligier JS F4 Series Buyer’s Guide

2024 Scholarship & Prizes:

Event Prizes & Awards

  • Race Payouts
    • Each race, the top three finishing drivers will be eligible for prize money:
      1. $500
      2. $200
      3. $100
  • Event Awards
    • Omologato Perfectly Timed Move of the Race 

Ligier JS F4 Series Championship Year-End Awards

  • 2024 Champion
    • 2025 F4 U.S. Scholarship from Ligier Automotive, Hankook Motorsports and Parella Motorsports Holdings, which includes:
      • Lease of a Ligier JS F422 Chassis & Ligier Storm Engine from Ligier Automotive
      • Two (2) Sets of Tires Per Event from Hankook Motorsports
      • Race Entry Fees from Parella Motorsports Holdings 
    • Carbon Bell Helmet
    • Custom OMP Racing Suit Kit
    • Bespoke Omologato Timepiece
  • 2024 Vice Champion
    • $500 for Bell Helmets
    • $500 for OMP Racing
  • 2024 Third-Place Champion
    • $250 for Bell Helmets
    • $250 for OMP Racing
  • Additional Prizes
    • Catherine Crawford Most Improved Driver Award
      • $1,500 credit with Ligier Automotive
    • Omologato Perfectly-Timed Pass Award
      • Bespoke Omologato Timepiece

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